Oct 17 2011

Party Once A Week

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People always ask me how often the can “cheat”. I don’t really believe in the concept of cheating but  since we are surrounded by food 24/7 I do believe we need some guidelines. There was a time when ice cream, cookies, cake, soda and chips were only served at parties or special occasions. If you want to  maintain or improve health you need to return to that old style of eating. You do not need to eliminate these foods, but as a rule, I recommend that you eat them only once per week.

Party foods can include:

  • Full- sized desserts, such as frosted cake, ice cream sundaes, pastries, donuts, cupcakes, and full-sized candy bars
  • Foods made with large amounts of cheese or high fat ingredients such as pizza, nachos, quesadillas, Italian cold cut sandwiches, and sandwiches filled with bologna or pepperoni
  • Fried food including chips, French fries, fried fish, or chicken
  • Liquid candy, such as soda, fruit drinks, sweetened ice tea, and lemonade
  • High- calorie coffee drinks made with cream, whole milk and sugar
  • Moderate alcohol- which means;  one alcoholic drink for women, two for men.

One small serving  of cookies, ice cream or chips can be OK, if you read the label and  keep the portions small, about 100 or 150 calories per day.

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