Aug 03 2011

We Eat Salad only 36 times per year!!!

According to a Wall Street Journal article  Crunch Time for the Salad we eat salad  about three times each month, 20% less often than in 1985. That is terrible. The single biggest reason for not eating salad is the time it takes to make it, the second reason is consumers  do not know how to make it taste good. Buying a ready made bag salad is expensive solution , a package costs $2.58  a bag up to $3.99 if it  has extra ingredients or specialty lettuce leaves. A head of lettuce costs $1.79.

Here is how my clients make lettuce work for them: they pre-wash lettuce, dry it in a spinner  and store it in breathable bags so it is ready when they need it, it can last three to four days. To make salad more interesting they add all sorts of chopped vegetables such as red onion, grated carrots, chopped tomato, capers even grated zucchini ( try the zucchini  it is fabulous).

Yes, making a salad takes time but I tell people to think of it as medicine. Eating more salad will help you lose weight because it controls calories and it can prevent heart disease because it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.  For those of you with children in the home, seeing you make a salad teaches them how to prepare food, and most important it shows them  how adults take care of themselves.

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  1. Richard Wickson 25 Mar 2013 at 7:17 pm

    Here’s a tip for making a salad.

    Do not use lettuce. Use any assortment of vegetable but do not use lettuce.

  2. eileenBon 25 Mar 2013 at 9:18 pm

    Combing a variety of cooked or raw vegetables to substitute for a lettuce salad once in a while is a great idea.

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