May 23 2011

How to Eat Favorite Meals the FTLOF Way

How to Eat Meatloaf, Turkey and Pasta the FTLOF Way

Want to enjoy your favorite foods and eat well? Over the past thirty years, the science that explains how to lose weight and keep healthy has been accumulating and the message is remarkably consistent. To lose weight we must eat food that contains the substances that actually help our own biology control appetite. Those substances include protein, fiber and water. Once appetite is under control, we can reduce caloric intake and weight loss follows. But you can never control appetite, (and, therefore, calories, unless you feel full and are happy with the food you are eating, and you can’t be happy with the food you are eating if you do not understand what to eat.  Here are three examples of how to do just that.

Turkey dinner with potatoes, carrots and greens beans.

Meatloaf, red potatoes, roasted onions and zuchini.

Pasta, Meatballs with sauce, steamed broccoli and salad.

By combining poultry, beef  and starches with more vegetables, the calories are reduced, nutrition quality improves and appetite is satisfied. When refilling your plate keep the same ratio of protein, starch and vegetables on your plate, and you will automatically be eating the FTLOF way

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