Mar 09 2011

Fruits and Vegetables Keep the Gallbladder Healthy – Really they do!

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Vegetable Market

It had been suspected that fruits and vegetables could protect the gallbladder but evidence was sparse. To answer the question with more certainty researchers looked back at the diet between the years of 1984-2000 of over 77,000 women participating in the Nurses Health Study.  Over 6,600 of the women reported having their gallbladder removed during that period. Women reporting the greatest intake of fruits and vegetables including green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, vitamin-c rich fruits and vegetables and broccoli and cauliflower had the lowest risk. Once again it appears as though those of us who eat the most fruit and vegetable receive protection from disease this time its gallbladder disease.

Sources: American Journal of Medicine 2006 September; 119(9):760-7. Fruit vegetable consumption and risk of cholecystectomy in women. Lead author: C.J. Tsai.

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