Jul 10 2010

Kids Mimic Parental Eating Habits

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Guess what? If you want your children to eat fruit and vegetables you need to eat them and if  you want your children to avoid soda you need to avoid it too.

Last year in a report released by UCLA Center for Health Policy Research at


we got a reminder about how important it is to practice what we preach. Researchers found that adolescents are much more likely to eat the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables if they see their parents doing the same. The report interviewed thousands of California teenagers and founds that teenagers with parents who ate five serving of vegetables on most days were 16 percent more likely to eat them too and parents who drank soda daily were more likely to have children who drank soda every day too. I can’t say this is surprising information but it does confirm my belief that the best place to teach nutrition is right at home. If you want a healthier family you can start today. Just get rid of the soda ( very few of us can afford these empty calories) and start serving a fruit and or vegetable at every meal and snack!

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