Helping Our Patients

Helping Our Patients and Ourselves

The goal of this page is  to share resources for integrating nutrition into primary care practice.

Food Recommendations to Share at Well Child Visits:

What Should My Child Eat?  describes recommended foods children need by age and gender. Use this tool as part of your education efforts during well-child visits.

Feeding babies and toddlers: 12 Month Old Baby, 15 Month Old, 18 Month Old

Nutrition Information for Adult Visits:

The Mediterranean Diet is a style of eating that can benefit many individuals. Use this handout ; Mediterranean Diet to share with your patients. It provides a brief explanation of how to eat the Mediterranean way including recommended resources, and a copy of the Harvard School of Public Health Healthy Eating Pyramid.

During illness, conditions such as fever and infection can increase calories needs. Suggestions for adding calories to prevent unwanted weight loss can be found here:  High Calorie Diet 

 Body Mass Index (BMI) is one way to tell whether we are at a healthy weight, overweight, or obese. It measure your weight in relation to height. This two page handout  helps explain what it means and what to do about it:  What is BMI