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Feb 10 2015

Roasted Vegetable Tart

Bon Appetite Magazine offered this delicious recipe for a roasted vegetable tart. It starts with roasting vegetables, then layering them in a pie plate filled with a glaze, topping with cheese and a pastry crust. To save time I used a store bought pastry crust. The pie is inverted so the vegetables are seen as [...]

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May 19 2014


Cabbage is economical and delicious.  One cup of raw, chopped, cabbage carries 22 calories, 2 grams of fiber and small amounts of vitamins C and A and a little calcium too. Cut cabbage  in half, remove the center core. With a sharp knife chop the cabbage into slices, cook it slowly in a large sauté pan [...]

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Jan 20 2014

Vegetable Lasagna

In ten minutes this recipe can by assembled and ready to cook. I use frozen vegetables because they require no preparation. Until the vegetables thaw, the dish will look lumpy and uneven—don’t worry; as it heats up, all the ingredients flatten out and the flavors combine. I often use a combination of vegetables that include [...]

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Feb 11 2013

How To Eat Beef Stew- FTLOF way

I love beef stew because once it is assembled it cooks on its own with little attention and everyone loves it. Here is a favorite recipe for a good, hearty Beef Stew instead of cooking potatoes with the beef, I make a colorful mashed potato “nest” of mashed carrots and white potatoes and serve the stew [...]

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Jan 14 2013

What to Eat for Supper

In my opinion we can eat just about anything, and make a meal “balanced”,  by serving generous portion of vegetables. Here are several ideas for delicious, traditional  family meals. Meatloaf : I often substitute ground turkey instead of beef when making meatloaf. I add carrots and onions right in the cooking pan, and bake a [...]

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