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Jan 12 2015

Making Broth Is So Easy

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The New York Times just ran an article on the drinking and making of ordinary broth. Making turkey or chicken broth is simple. I save the bones from a roasted chicken or turkey. Place the bones in a large pot add enough water to cover it by about 3 inches, add 1/3 cup apple cider [...]

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Dec 23 2013

Eating Well During the Holidays- Let Vegetable Soup Help

      This time of year there seems to be rich food everywhere I turn. Wonderful cookies from friends, gifts of chocolate, treats from co-workers . I will not refuse the  foods friends have made for me, but I  don’t want to over-eat either. My  strategy is to make sure I have lots of fruit [...]

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Sep 28 2013

Easy Hamburg Soup

Fall is the perfect time for soup. Here is a recipe from my mother’s recipe file. Do not skimp on the peppercorns or replace them with ground pepper, they impart the perfect amount of flavor . In  our house we say the one who bites into a whole peppercorn will have good luck. I have [...]

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Jan 30 2013

Winter Berry Vegetable Soup/Stew

The “Berries” in the title refer to wheat berries, I use them to add body to the recipe.  The final dish is so  thick with vegetables it is almost a stew. I buy my wheat berries from the farmer’s market and health food store, (if you cannot find them, simply substitute with brown rice). The wheat berries double [...]

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