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Apr 01 2015

Confused About What To Eat?

The preliminary 2015 US Dietary Guidelines, released last month generated a lot of publicity and confusion. Dr Walter Willet, Chair of the the Department of Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), along with  Frank Hu, professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the school and Meir Stampfer also of HSPH  wrote a column  in the  Boston Globe addressing the [...]

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May 07 2014

Why Accountable Care Organizations May Change How We Diet

You may notice something new when you go to your doctor.  He or she may actually talk to you about your weight and for the first time you might hear evidenced-based guidance on weight loss.  Health care providers participating in Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) will be measuring height and weight on their ACO patients, assessing [...]

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Mar 11 2014

When Every Calorie Counts

When unwanted weight loss occurs, it is essential that we take advantage of every opportunity to consume calories. In these situations even a balanced diet must take a back seat to providing enough calories. Custard, Flan ( pictured here) and pudding can be a delicious way to add calories and protein. Knowing how to increase [...]

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Jul 22 2013

Mediterranean Diet Patient Handout

The Mediterranean style of eating is a simple, delicious and healthful way of eating.  I created  a simple one page explanation of how to get started with suggested resources, and for visual learners a copy of the Harvard School of Public Health’s Healthy Eating Pyramid .  For those of you in healthcare share it with your patients, [...]

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