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Jul 07 2014

Beet Reuben Sandwich

It might sound a bit weird to make a sandwich using beets but the result was heaven. I got the idea from the Maine Grind in Ellsworth, Maine where I ordered it on a recent trip North. Since then I have made it for friends and family with lots of accolades and recipe requests. The [...]

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Jun 16 2014

Emeals it Might Help You Eat Better

  A co-worker raved about e-meals, he said it took the hassle out of shopping and helped him eat better and healthier. I was a skeptic, after all cooking is my hobby.  I do not find it tedious and I hate following recipes. I thought I would give it a try in hopes it would [...]

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Jun 02 2014

Secret Sauce Can Reduce Heart Disease

Last year the delicious tasting Mediterranean diet beat out a low-fat diet for treating cardiovascular disease and a sauce known as Sofrito was part of the dietary prescription that led to healthier hearts.   Participants on the Mediterranean diets were asked to eat Sofrito at least twice per week.   The sauce is made by slowly [...]

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May 19 2014


Cabbage is economical and delicious.  One cup of raw, chopped, cabbage carries 22 calories, 2 grams of fiber and small amounts of vitamins C and A and a little calcium too. Cut cabbage  in half, remove the center core. With a sharp knife chop the cabbage into slices, cook it slowly in a large sauté pan [...]

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Mar 24 2014

How to Eat a Taco

Mexican-flavored foods are a big hit with families and they can be very nutritious if you follow a few strategies: Keep the portion of ground beef and grated cheese moderate and load up on salsa, lettuce, and tomato. When making tacos try using ground turkey instead of ground beef, and try vegetable burger ( called crumbles) [...]

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