Welcome to the For the Love of Food Project.

I am a professional nutritionist with over twenty five years of experience working with individuals and families. In 1991 I wrote my first book about feeding children. That book was followed by eight more books, several translated to Spanish and Portuguese. Along the way I have appeared on the Today Show, CNBC, CNN and interviewed in many, many newspapers, magazines and on radio. In 1999 my sixth book Fit Kids: Raising Physically and Emotionally Strong Kids with Real food was published by Simon and Schuster just as the childhood obesity epidemic was emerging as the crisis it is today. We have spent billions of dollars on books, television shows and public health projects but none of these has been effective at slowing the epidemic. The government issues guidelines to help us eat better every five years, but it is estimated only 3 percent of the population actually follows those guidelines. You can help change this by participating inĀ  For the Love of Food Project. For the Love of Food Project is based on the premise that the best place to teach nutrition is right at home, and, by combining more fruits and vegetables with everyday menus and eating on a regular, predictable schedule, we simply eat better. Sodium, cholesterol, and calories are reduced, and fiber, potassium, and vitamins are increased. Eating well can truly be a simple as that.

Please participate in For the Love of Food Project by planning a meal and sharing it with friends and family. Use the information on this web page for ideas and inspiration and please share your results and friend us on Facebook