Mar 28 2017

Twenty One Recipes Every One Should Prepare At Least Once

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Learning to cook might seem overwhelming but it does not need to be. Prepare the recipes below from scratch, and you will be introduced to the basic cooking skills you need to make just about anything.


The skills you want to learn  include how to: dice an onion, prepare garlic, separate eggs, beat egg whites, make an omelet, measure dry ingredients, test meat for doneness, cook fish, steam, roast and blanch vegetables, use herbs and spices, test for flavor, knead bread dough, test muffins and banana bread for doneness, use a grill, shop for fresh fruit and vegetables, cook grains such as rice and quinoa properly, cook pasta el dente, make meatballs, make sauces including white sauce, tomato sauce and gravy, make a stock for use in your own soup and most of all plan a complete meal.




1.      Roast Root vegetables: Onion, beet, carrot, parsnip (to name a few good roasting vegetables)

2.      Steam vegetables-green beans, broccoli, carrots

3.      Soup: make a vegetable soup, chicken soup, beef soup

4.      Learn to cook Beans- make bean or lentil   soup, lentil loaf, veggie burger, Chile

5.      Rice or other grains ( quinoa, millet, kasha, farro)

6.   learn to grill or broil prepare:   grilled or broiked fish, beef or chicken kebobs

7.     Make an  Omelet- cheese, spinach, mushroom

8.   Learn how to prepare Seafood; fish sticks, salmon

9.    learn how to use fruit in  dessert; salad, or cooked in  crisp

10. Learn how to  blanch vegetables green beans, asparagus, broccoli are good choices

11.  Prepare meatballs; beef, chicken or vegetarian

12.  Master a simple Tomato Sauce

13.  Roast meat: beef, pork or lamb

14.  Roast chicken, or turkey

15.  Leanr how to make quick breads- Banana bread or apple bread

16.Make your very own salad dressing start with a simple vinaigrette

17.  learn how to make a white White sauce: Mac and cheese, mornay sauce, fish pie

18    make fresh stock; beef, chicken, vegetable

19.  Mashed potato, mashed squash

20.  Whip egg whites: make Soufflé, sponge cake, meringue cookies

21.  Cook with yeast make: Yeast bread or rolls




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