Feb 17 2017

Learn to Cook Six meals by Age Sixteen

Six by Sixteen http://sixbysixteen.me/  wants to teach young people to plan and prepare six nutritious, locally sourced meals by the time they are sixteen years old. It was started as a public health initiative in Ontario Canada and it is a great idea. Those who learn to cook at home will cook when older and research shows that when you cook at home your meals are more nutritious. Learning to make any six meals will do but I highly recommend all cooks learn to cook beans, fish, whole grains and fruit based desserts.

Below are suggestions of recipes to try, they can all be found in the recipe section.


Bean Burgers

Refried beans for Burritos

Three Bean Loaf

Mexican Lasagna


Baked Fish

Seafood Pasta

Pot roasted cod with Leeks


Chicken Vegetable Stew with dumplings

Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Oven Fried Chicken

Roasted chicken with parsley potato and carrots



Hamburger Soup

Chicken vegetable Soup

Garden Minestrone Soup

Lentil Soup

Old Fashioned Beef Vegetable Soup



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