Jan 16 2017

Not Knowing How To Cook Can Be Bad For Your Health

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Teenagers, young adults, and adults, who  do not know how to prepare tasty wholesome, inexpensive food will be forced to rely on readily available, inexpensive, easy options such as fast food, microwave macaroni and cheese, cheap packaged noodles, pizza, and chicken nuggets. Two experts in the field of nutrition Alice Lichtenstein, DSc and David Ludwig, MD, PhD wrote an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggesting that children who are uncomfortable in the kitchen;because they never learned basic cooking skills, will be at a disadvantage their entire life. That makes perfect sense, after all we know certain foods like brown rice, leafy green vegetables and fish can protect our health, but these aren’t often found in pre-made meals or at fast food restaurants. When we never learn how to prepare these foods we are not likely to eat them and our health can suffer. A diet abundant in pizza, chips, and fast food will lead to poor nutrition, weight gain and increase the risk of serious diet-related disease such as diabetes, heart, disease and cancer. What is the solution? Learn to cook, it could make you healthier.

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