Jun 01 2016

Moe’s Turkey Sub Sandwich

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Ingredients are measured

Deconstructed Sandwich

A few years back ( April 2011) I wrote a post about the nutrition content in the Original Moe’s Italian Sandwich. It is a favorite sandwich in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire where I live. I have been asked about the nutrition content in the turkey version and finally got around to doing the calculations.  Once again I deconstructed the sandwich, measured each ingredient which includes black olives, sliced red tomato, sliced pickles, green pepper, yellow onion slices, and provolone cheese and of source sliced turkey in a fresh Italian bread roll. To keep measurements as accurate as possible I ordered my sandwich without oil, the oil would have soaked into the roll making it weigh more. In my sandwich the bread weighed just a bit over 5 ½ ounces.


I calculated the nutrition information by weight for each ingredient and added them up – keep in mind this is estimation and a home calculation.



On line calculators estimated the carbohydrate in a 5 ounce roll to range between 72 grams to 94 grams for a  5 ounce roll, if the higher number is used calories would increase to 762 and total carbohydrate to 94 grams.


Total calories ( without oil) 682, total fat  19 grams, saturated fat 8.7 grams, total carbohydrate 72 grams, fiber 7.4 grams, protein 45.2 grams, sodium 2657 grams.

Adding 1 tablespoon of olive oil would add an additional 119 calories to the sandwich.


Selecting the turkey sandwich over the Original cold cut version appears to reduce saturated fat by about half; I estimated the original to contain 15.7 grams of saturated fat. When selecting a Moe’s sandwich eat it with a piece of fruit on the side, an apple is a much better choice than chips, chose  a non-caloric beverage such as water, unsweetened ice tea or coffee. If you are trying to lose weight cut the sandwich in half and calories are only about 350, the same as in a frozen diet meal.


The reassembled sandwich is weighed, and of course eaten.

Ingredients are measured

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