Dec 03 2014

FVRx – Doctors Prescibe Fruits and Vegetables to Treat Obesity

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Jane E. Brody writes about the exciting  FVRx  food prescription program in her recent  New York Times  blog. In the FVRx program doctors identify children that are over weight, counsels them on better food choices and provides them with a prescription to eat more fruits and vegetables. Along with that prescription comes a voucher to purchase fruits and vegetables at the market.The families meet with the doctor or dietitian monthly. Brody reports on a program created in Harlem which helped the participating children reduce their weight and lower Body Mass Index (BMI).

The program was started by Wholesome Wave:  “The Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program measures health outcomes linked to increased fruit and vegetable consumption. FVRx promotes innovative partnerships between healthcare providers, farmers markets and families with diet-related diseases. The four to six month program is designed to provide assistance to overweight and obese children. FVRx is also expanding to target community members with Type 2 diabetes and other diet-related diseases.” They hope to expand the program to other communities.

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