Nov 16 2014

For Weight Control Learn to Cook More Fruits and Vegetables

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Illness from heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes are all related to being overweight. The risk of being overweight has increased because we eat more of our meals away from home (where calories are always greater), and portions sizes are larger.  Less cooking at home and more eating out is linked to meals that contain less fruits, and vegetables, while supplying more saturated fat and calories. When we do eat at home too few of us know how to prepare the foods that will keep us healthy or we do not know how to plan a meal that will be “balanced”.

According to a commentary in the Journal of the American Medical Association many Americans (specifically parents) simply lack the knowledge of how to purchase and prepare foods for healthy meals and therefor are not passing the skills onto their children. There are three recipes I recommend new cooks learn and use to improve meals they include  how to roast vegetables, vegetable soup and fruit based desserts such as a Fruit tart, or Apple Brown Betty.


Almost any vegetable can be roasted and added to any meal making it “healthier” and serving a fruit-based dessert will help to insure the diners are getting closer to eating the recommended fruit servings they need each day. A good vegetable soup makes a nice addition to lunch or even a good snack in cold weather.

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