Jun 16 2014

Emeals it Might Help You Eat Better

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A co-worker raved about e-meals, he said it took the hassle out of shopping and helped him eat better and healthier. I was a skeptic, after all cooking is my hobby.  I do not find it tedious and I hate following recipes. I thought I would give it a try in hopes it would be good enough to recommend to patients.  I contacted e-meals and they sent me a free subscription. I have been using it for about 8 weeks and  I think it is great. I have been surprised at the quality and simplicity of recipes. Pictured below is a marinated pork dish with a side of kale and crispy garlic bread- it is part  my current low-calorie meal plan

Each week you will get seven recipes and an easy-to-use grocery list. The grocery list is ingenious, it includes the main items and a list of the staples you need to have on hand such as flour, salt, sugar and so on. It  is well organized, there is no guess work and now after using it for a few weeks I feel I can trust it. Below is a menu form the Mediterranean plan that includes the main entree, plus polenta and a side Watermelon Tomato Salad .

I am only cooking for two but I started with the Mediterranean plan for a family of 3-6. I expected portions to be small but they are not. I found I had too much and after two weeks I switched to the Low Calorie meal plan for a family of two. I love this plan because it includes so many of my favorite vegetables. Below is a picture of a lentil rice dish and squash.

Switching meal plans is a breeze . I just changed to the Low Carb plan and they just added a diabetic meal plan which I intend to try too. If you want  delicious, healthy, easy to prepare menus I recommend you try e-meals. A one year subscription costs $29.95.


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