Mar 11 2014

When Every Calorie Counts

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When unwanted weight loss occurs, it is essential that we take advantage of every opportunity to consume calories. In these situations even a balanced diet must take a back seat to providing enough calories. Custard, Flan ( pictured here) and pudding can be a delicious way to add calories and protein.

Knowing how to increase the calorie content of food is one of your best allies when appetite is poor. For example, adding 100 calories to each breakfast, lunch and dinner and providing two snacks each day adds up to 500 more calories daily, an amount that may stop weight loss and even produce a weight gain.

Here are three tips to add calories

  1. Melt any hard cheese over vegetables or toast, or stir it into sauces. Each ounce contains at least 100 calories.
  2. Add an extra egg to meat loaves, rice dishes, and casseroles, or whisk one into hot soups. One egg adds 70 to 80 calories.
  3. Use evaporated milk rather than regular milk in soups, casseroles, pudding or baked goods.


For more tips read this High Calorie Diet.

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