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Mar 24 2014

How to Eat a Taco

Mexican-flavored foods are a big hit with families and they can be very nutritious if you follow a few strategies: Keep the portion of ground beef and grated cheese moderate and load up on salsa, lettuce, and tomato. When making tacos try using ground turkey instead of ground beef, and try vegetable burger ( called crumbles) [...]

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Mar 17 2014

How to Eat a Hot Dog

When hot dogs are on the family menu, and calories are a concern, serve hotdogs with non-starchy vegetables instead of baked beans or even fries. One hot dog in a roll and 1 cup baked beans will carry about 620 calories and 87 g of carbohydrate. Eat two hot dogs and calories reach 870 calories and over 100 [...]

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Mar 11 2014

When Every Calorie Counts

When unwanted weight loss occurs, it is essential that we take advantage of every opportunity to consume calories. In these situations even a balanced diet must take a back seat to providing enough calories. Custard, Flan ( pictured here) and pudding can be a delicious way to add calories and protein. Knowing how to increase [...]

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Mar 03 2014

Baby food made in the Microwave

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Microwave cooking is well suited to making your baby and child delicious meals and snacks. Cooking fast, which is what your microwave does best, retains more nutrients than slow cooking or boiling methods. A microwave cooks with little or no added liquid, and that means no nutrients are discarded in the cooking water. It also [...]

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