Sep 28 2013

Easy Hamburg Soup

Fall is the perfect time for soup. Here is a recipe from my mother’s recipe file. Do not skimp on the peppercorns or replace them with ground pepper, they impart the perfect amount of flavor . In  our house we say the one who bites into a whole peppercorn will have good luck.

I have substituted ground beef for  ground turkey and even Morningstar vegetarian crumbles  for the beef all with excellent results. This soup can be frozen too.

Betty Behan’s Hamburger Soup

2 tbsp cooking oil

2 onions

1 pound hamburger

1 large can tomatoes

1 quart good beef stock or 2 cans beef consommé

4 stalks celery, include leaves

4 carrots

2 potatoes

1/2 teaspoon dried thyme

1 bay leaf

9 peppercorns

1 tablespoon parsley

In a heavy pot cook onions in 2 tbsp of oil until yellow and limp ( on burner of stove) (not too high a heat). Add meat and stir until no longer red. Add large can tomatoes, beef stock ( or 2 cans of consommé plus 3 cans water) ( use consommé can to measure) chop celery with knife, clean carrots and cut into quarters add 2 potatoes- peeled and cut into small pieces. Every thing in the same pot, add 1/2 tsp thyme, 1 bay leaf, 9 peppercorns- 1 tablespoon salt ( if needed) , 1 tablespoon parsley

Cook on low flame on top of stove or cook until vegetables are done- the longer the better

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