Jul 09 2013

Four Cool Salads for Summer

 Salads do not have to be complicated to be good. Here are four of my fast favorites.

Cucumber Tomato Salad-Slice cucumbers, toss with tomatoes and fresh herbs. Serve on top of greens with a squeeze of lemon and  a drizzle of olive oil.









Fruit and Yogurt Salad-Combine strawberries and tomatoes and serve on top of fresh lettuce greens – drizzle with your favorite flavored yogurt.







Farmers Salad – top  a variety of crisp fresh greens,  with a strip of good quality fresh bacon and add  a cooked egg, season with salt and pepper.







Crab, Corn Salsa Salad. To make this salad I keep cans of both crab and unsalted corn in the refrigerator so they are cold and ready to be used on a hot day. I simply put the cold crab on the lettuce,combine corn and salsa and pour it over the crab.


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