Mar 13 2013

Want your Child to Eat Better? Try adding Bite-size Vegetables to Snacks

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New research by Brian Wansink  has found the addition of bite-size carrots, broccoli or peppers reduced the total amount of food eaten while snacking and watching TV .

The researchers compared the amount of calories consumed in four different snacks while young children, grades 3-6 watched TV for 45 minutes. The children were offered one of four snacks: vegetable and cheese, potato chips , cheese-only or vegetable only snack. Calorie intake was significantly less in those children served the vegetable and  cheese snack combination when compared to the chip-only snack.  The addition of bite-sized vegetables appeared to be most effective at reducing calorie intake for the kids who were considered overweight or obese.

To help children reach their recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, parents can offer their children  a fruit or vegetable ( or both )with every  snack. The study mentioned here did not assess the impact fruit had on snacking, but I bet fruit added to a snack could help control portions just like the vegetables did in this study.

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