Mar 04 2013

How To Help Your Child Eat Better

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If you are worrying about your child’s diet don’t allow it to poison your relationship with your child or his relationship with food. Channel your worries into positive actions, but do not respond by imposing food restrictions. You cannot control what your child wants to eat, or how much he eats; you can only control the things you can influence.

Your sphere of influence should cover the food that comes in the house, how the food is prepared and served.


Five things you can do to help your child eat just what s/he needs:  ideas from Fit Kids: Raising Physically and Emotionally Fit Kids with Real Food:

  • Have wholesome foods available.
  • Protect family meal times-eat together as often as you can.
  • Talk about food and nutrition when it is not meal time. Bring it up while food shopping, or running errands.
  • Create a pleasant meal time, enforce rules about manners and good behaviour, avoid talking about who is eating what at the table.
  • Always serve at least one fruit or vegetable  (or both) at every meal and snack, and include at least one  food itme you know your child will like.

And most of all, set a good example your child can follow- it is never too soon or too late to start!



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