Feb 20 2013

March is National Nutrition Month – Use Your Family Table to Teach Good Nutrition

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Could a menu that sounds this good actually improve your family’s health?

Apple, Blue Cheese and Hazelnut salad on Endive Leaves

Asparagus with Wasabi Mayonnaise


Brown Rice and wheat berries

Easy Baked Tomato

Green Beans with lemon

Dark Sweet Cherry Meringue Mini-Pie


 It could if it wins them over to eating more fruits and vegetables.

If you care about food, family, friends  and nutrition please participate in   For the Love of Food (FTLOF) project.

The project is a “chain” dinner party where friends and family are invited to enjoy a meal that follows two basic principles first; the menu is to be rich in fruits and vegetables:  half the plate is to be filled with vegetables; appetizers are to be vegetable-based and dessert is fruit-based. Second- everyone is to be seated at a table.

By hosting a simple dinner party and providing your friends and family with a meal that teaches them to eat more fruits and vegetables, you can help reverse the rising trend in all diet-related disease.


The project started in the spring of 2007, I hosted two dinner parties one for the medical staff I work with,  and the other for a group of nutrition professionals, including some of the faculty of the University of New Hampshire. I planned a meal based on what was to become  For the Love of Food project. The physicians welcomed the simple message and my nutrition friends agreed the two principles of the project would without  question lead to better health. Since 2007 the project received grants from  The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and  the New Hampshire Comprehensive Cancer Collaboration. It has been featured on   NHPTV and mentioned in the Boston Globe.

You too can use the project to give your friends and family the experience of a meal where they can learn how to prepare and eat more produce. Planning a For the  Love of Food Dinner Party is easy and fun! It can be a perfect teaching tool for those of you involved in School Wellness programs.

What to Do:

Invite 4-6 friends or family to dinner; keep the group small .

Plan the menu: Create a menu that includes: appetizers that are vegetable- based,  half the dinner plate is filled with vegetables .  Imagine a plate filled in the following way ¼ protein, ¼ starch, ½ vegetables. The important part in menu planning is to keep the ratio of meat/starch/vegetable in balance.  Choose a dessert rich in fruit such as fruit salad, apple crisp, blueberry cobbler,  or peach melba. 

To learn more about why fruits and vegetables are so important. watch the video.


It is hoped that together we will be able to accomplish what public health initiatives have so far not been able to do which is to create a future where diet-related disease is much lower. So please participate in For the Love of Food project, plan a menu and   share your recipes and menu on our contact page or  the Facebook Fan Page.




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