Jan 14 2013

What to Eat for Supper

In my opinion we can eat just about anything, and make a meal “balanced”,  by serving generous portion of vegetables. Here are several ideas for delicious, traditional  family meals.

Meatloaf Dinner

Meatloaf : I often substitute ground turkey instead of beef when making meatloaf. I add carrots and onions right in the cooking pan, and bake a potato  in the same oven.  I serve meatloaf with potato and at least two vegetables as pictured above.

Steak Dinner


Steak and Potatoes: Here is a 4 ounce portion of beef with potato, broccoli and salad.


Beef Short Ribs: I find all ribs including beef, pork, and lamb to be high in fat so I always combine them with vegetables. In this picture I have a beef short rib served with roasted squash, and Brussels sprouts, when taking a second rib- make sure you take extra vegetables too.

Baked Fish Dinner with Side Salad

Baked Fish: Baked Fish goes well with many vegetables here it is served with cooked pasta, broccoli.  Salad is served on the side.


Salmon Salad with This Crust Pizza


Broiled Salmon served on Salad with a thin crust pizza instead of potato or rice. This is an easy meal to put together and since I combine the “pizza” with a good protein source and a fiber-rich vegetable- I am much less likely to over-eat the pizza.

Spaghetti and Meatballs with Green Beans and Salad

Pasta, Meatballs and Sauce: A homemade tomato sauce is really easy to make and since it is basically a tomato puree it counts as a vegetable.  Here it is paired with green beans and of course you can always add a salad. Serving a salad as a side dish instead of garlic bread helps meet our vegetable requirement and keeps the “carb” in better control.

Turkey Dinner with Vegetables

Roasted  Chicken Dinner: Combine chicken or (turkey) with potato, greens beans and another cooked vegetable such as stuffed eggplant which I included in this picture.



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