Dec 02 2012

Pasta With Sauce- Can it be good for you too?

We rely on pasta and sauce as a quick go to meal because almost everyone likes it. Unfortunately pasta is all to often served in  the wrong combinations: lots of pasta, too little vegetables.

Both the Quick Tomato Sauce and the Bolognese recipe (pictured below) will automatically add just the right balance of vegetables to any pasta meal, just serve 1 cup of sauce to every 2 ounces of pasta you cook. You can even add meatballs to the sauce and it is always a good idea to serve it with an additional side salad or as pictured here with   roasted vegetables. Including the right sauce and a side vegetable dish will keep the pasta in the right balance- Enjoy!

Vegetable-rich bolognese, is a thick, chunky pasta topping. The quick tomato sauce is smooth but, still rich in vegetables.

Quick Tomato Sauce

Bolognese Sauce


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