Oct 01 2012

Vegetarian Shepherds Pie- For the Love of Food Way


I was inspired by my daughters friend Molly to create this recipe. She is a vegetarian. Instead of ground beef I use Morningstar Recipe Crumbles. I consider this a ” lazy” recipe because  I use good old-fashioned catsup to season the crumbles and frozen vegetables instead of fresh vegetables.  I usually chose frozen peas and carrots but sometimes I use broccoli and cauliflower blends, even “Asian” style vegetables with bamboo shoots and mushrooms. I will also confess to using instant mashed potatoes. I once compared the nutrient content of reconstituted instant potatoes to homemade mashed potatoes and the nutrient difference was not dramatically different.

Serve the shepherds pie with a simple salad

and you have a filling and delicious FTLOF dinner .

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