Aug 06 2012

What To Do With All That Basil?

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It is summer and basil is abundant.  My garden is producing so much basil I can’t keep up with it, so now is the time I make Pesto oil. I use basil pesto oil to top vegetables, add to salads and best of all as a replacement for butter.

This is not pesto,  a real pesto has both cheese and nuts in it.  I leave out both the nuts and cheese and rely on what I think are the best ingredients in pesto;  basil and  garlic .

To make basil oil all you need is good olive oil, a generous amount of basil, fresh garlic and a pinch of salt. Combine the ingredients using a mini food processor into a finely minced dip. Add a pinch of salt and store in a covered bowl or a bottle with a cap, the oil will keep for weeks in the refrigerator. Once cold it will get thick and a little cloudy. I remove it from the refrigerator and it quickly softens, and is easy to pour.

Here is a recipe

Basil Pesto Oil

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