Jun 25 2012

Three Tips for Roasting Vegetables

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First -Cook at a high temperature 425 degrees for thin- sliced vegetables,  475 degrees for thicker vegetables. The high temperature means the vegetables cook quickly, crisping the outside and allowing the inside to stay tender.

Second – Select vegetables with similar  characteristics and cut them in same-size pieces,  so they all finish cooking at the same time. Here  we have onions beets, carrots, and parsnips before and after peeling. They will all be cut to the same thickness, see below.










Third- Make sure  each vegetable piece has enough room- no crowding ! If the vegetables overlap they will steam not roast. You may need to use 2  or 3 different baking sheets when roasting a pound or more of vegetables. Line the pans with aluminum  foil or parchment paper to make clean-up easier.


Practice makes perfect- experiment with all sorts of vegetables and serve them in a bowl as a side vegetable,  or use them in a salad combined with crisp salad greens and your favorite salad dressing.

Here is a basic recipe for roasting vegetables.


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