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Jun 25 2012

Three Tips for Roasting Vegetables

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  First -Cook at a high temperature 425 degrees for thin- sliced vegetables,  475 degrees for thicker vegetables. The high temperature means the vegetables cook quickly, crisping the outside and allowing the inside to stay tender. Second – Select vegetables with similar  characteristics and cut them in same-size pieces,  so they all finish cooking at [...]

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Jun 11 2012

Are you feeding your baby french fries?

  The foods we feed in the early stages of life, can impact a child’s preference for life. The 2004 Feeding Infants and Toddler Study ( FITS) found half of all 7 to 8 month olds were  eating dessert daily, replacing the recommended fruits and vegetables they actually need. One-third of 7 to 24 month [...]

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Jun 04 2012

Smart Parents Don’t Have Food Fights

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  As many as 50% of children  are described by their parents as “picky eaters”.  Unknowingly parents may be contributing to the problem. Parents who coerce, cajole or bribe their children to try a food make the problem worse. Parents who call their child a “picky Eater” might actually prevent their child from trying a [...]

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