May 16 2012

Weight loss and Breastfeeding- GO SLOW

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While you breastfeed, you should lose weight more slowly than you would otherwise.  Safe weight loss for most adult women when not nursing is thought to be one to two pounds per week, or about eight pounds a month.  For breastfeeding moms, safe weight loss after the first postpartum month is thought to be only one to two pounds a month for the first four to six months, and not more than four and a half pounds a month.

For many of you, one to two pounds a month may sound painfully slow.  But remember, you won’t be depriving yourself, so you shouldn’t feel hungry.  If you nurse your baby for ten months, it could add up to a loss of ten to twenty pounds!

Weight loss is greatest between three and six months post partum.  The average weight loss is one to two pounds per month, though overweight women may lose 4-5 pounds in a month. After the first month, rapid weight loss greater than 4 to 5 pounds is not advised.  In an Australian study of 174 mothers, weight loss was found to level off by the sixth month. Many women are unable to reach their prepregnancy weight until they stop nursing altogether. As long as a mother is breastfeeding, her breasts will add pounds to the scale.


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