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May 21 2012

Easy Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo Dinner

Here is a fast and delicious dinner using a prepared sauce. I chose a 15 ounce jar of prepared Alfredo sauce and use only ¼ cup for each 2 ounces of pasta. When making the recipe below for four, you will have half the jar left over and it is delicious added to cooked vegetables. [...]

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May 16 2012

Weight loss and Breastfeeding- GO SLOW

While you breastfeed, you should lose weight more slowly than you would otherwise.  Safe weight loss for most adult women when not nursing is thought to be one to two pounds per week, or about eight pounds a month.  For breastfeeding moms, safe weight loss after the first postpartum month is thought to be only [...]

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May 07 2012

Raw Beets For Running?

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Could  Raw Beet, Arugula, Rhubarb Salad improve your running? I am not sure, but at the very least it is  delicious.  Beets are getting a lot of attention because they might help exercise performance. At least one study finds eating 200 grams ( about 2 cups)  of beets an hour before running improves performance, it [...]

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