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Apr 30 2012

New Mothers- Don’t Skip Meals!

New moms often ask me what they should eat to help them and their babies be healthy. All new mothers ( breast and bottle feeding) run the risk of fatigue and for that reason  I recommend eating  frequently to control hunger and overeating.  Snacks that contain protein, complex carbohydrate, and some fat help keep your [...]

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Apr 18 2012

Las Olas Taqueria- Healthiest Choices

In my neighborhood Las Olas Taqueria is a popular and delicious destination for homemade Mexican food made with vegetarian beans and rice, homemade sauces and salsa, and locally-raised meats. I am often asked about these foods so I decided to estimate the calories and food groups they carry using a kitchen scale, calorie book and [...]

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Apr 16 2012

Radio Nutrition Podcast

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Listen to Donna Feldman’s Interview with Eileen Behan and learn more about Eileen’s approach to eating well and permanent weight loss.  

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Apr 09 2012

Parents Need To Eat Too

  Debbie Koenig’s new book  delivers the plan you need for the whole family to eat well.   In a clear, comforting tone Debbie explains how to create the New Moms Pantry, stocked with all the basic ingredients you will need to make her delicious recipes.  She even tells you how to turn grown-up  food [...]

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Apr 04 2012

How to Hard Boil an Egg Perfectly

Nothing is much easier than hard boiling an egg. Cook eggs slowly so the boiling water does not bounce them around and break the shell. A  properly cooked egg is solid but not rubbery, and it should be easy to peel. Over cook an egg and you get a dark green ring around the yolk. The green [...]

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