Mar 19 2012

Food is Medicine- fruits and vegetables reverse high blood pressure in four weeks

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The DASH ( Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) Diet is a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy foods. It is high in fiber, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. It is similar to what the American Heart Association recommends in diet for cardiovascular health.

“To be provocative, you could say the DASH diet and low sodium abolishes thirty years of blood pressure aging in 4 weeks,” said Dr. Frank M. Sacks, professor of cardiovascular disease prevention at the Harvard School of Public Health,Boston. Research indicates the DASH diet is very effective in older people, but the bad effect of diet is stronger in older people too says Dr Sacks. Think of fruit and vegetables as  medicine and eat what you need, you might even see a reduction in your blood pressure within four weeks. Ask your doctor if the DASH Diet is right for you.


To learn more about the DASH Diet go to To start eating the DASH way include the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables you need every day- it is not as hard as you might think.

For the Love of Food Diet is designed to support the principles of the DASH Diet. Here are some tips I created to help eat the DASH way :

  • Eat three meals. If you skip you will not get all the food groups you need to help with hunger and good health.
  • Include a fruit or vegetable or both at most meals—or simply  fill half the plate with vegetables.
  • Include a lean protein or low-fat  dairy at each meal.
  • Eat only one or two portions from the grain group  at meals and only one if any as a snack.
  • Measure fat and oil portions use only one and up to two portions per meal.
  • Snack on “wet” foods ( fruit, vegetable, low-fat yogurt), measure “dry” food (crackers, granola bars, pretzels) portions should be one ounce or 100 calories.
  • If you eat dessert (and it is not fruit or a special occasion) keep the portion small; one serving as listed on the label or at 150 calorie portion.
  • Don’t get hungry, eat three meals and snack on foods that help with hunger; “wet foods”.



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