Feb 15 2012

What to eat when you are on the road?

When you know you will be on the road during mealtime you must plan ahead or you will be at the mercy of whatever is available and when you get  hungry you may not be able to make a good food choice.

If you want to stick to FTLOF style of eating preplan: make a sandwich at home, pack a few nuts, an apple and an orange. If you have vegetable sticks such as carrots or celery they would be great to add too. Peel the orange and put it in a plastic bag so it will be easy to eat while driving. All of these foods carry a lot of water and eating them will help control appetite and improve your health. Think of these foods as your medicine, I call them appetite suppressants because for most people they end up being more filling then dry foods such as pretzels,  granola bars or crackers. When you feel full from wholesome foods  you will have more energy and improve your health.


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