Feb 01 2012

To Lose Weight Avoid Hunger

It might sound counterintuitive to avoid hunger when attempting to lose weight but hunger actually undermines your intentions. The desire to satisfy hunger is an uncontrollable force—your intellect and good intentions cannot suppress it. Hunger is the stimulus that causes us to eat; it keeps us alive.


When you get hungry you will eat the foods you did not plan on: the pint of premium ice cream or the cold leftovers out of the bowl or the box of chocolates left in the break room. The key to controlling hunger is to give your body the food it needs for satiety without stimulating overeating.  Here is a recipe for Vegetable Barley Soup, it helps control hunger and best of all you can make a batch and have it ready to heat and eat in minutes. For permanent weight control, and good health having good food on hand to satisfy hunger is another key habit to practice and soup satisfies hunger, appetite and it can be quick.

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