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Feb 27 2012

Saving Money, Improving Health

  Food cost is an issue for me, and I am sure for everyone reading this post. The organic foods that have the most sticker shock for me are meat, poultry, eggs, and butter. To control costs I practice portion control and use less of certain foods such as meat and butter. On one day [...]

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Feb 15 2012

What to eat when you are on the road?

When you know you will be on the road during mealtime you must plan ahead or you will be at the mercy of whatever is available and when you get  hungry you may not be able to make a good food choice. If you want to stick to FTLOF style of eating preplan: make a [...]

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Feb 13 2012

Dark Sweet Cherry Meringue Mini Pie

Looking for a delicious dessert  for Valentines Day? Dark cherries, delicate meringue and crunchy graham crackers add up to a perfect taste combination in this easy, delicious recipe. Start with Dole’s Dark Cherries from the freezer case, follow the directions to make a delicious filling.         Pour into mini- graham cracker  tart shellsI [...]

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Feb 06 2012

Did You Over Eat at a Super Bowl Party?

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Almost everyone I know who has been successful with weight loss has a setback along the way. The truth is that overeating on one day will not undo all your efforts; the calories consumed yesterday do not even add enough to cause a true  one-pound weight gain. So stop beating yourself up and get back [...]

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Feb 01 2012

To Lose Weight Avoid Hunger

It might sound counterintuitive to avoid hunger when attempting to lose weight but hunger actually undermines your intentions. The desire to satisfy hunger is an uncontrollable force—your intellect and good intentions cannot suppress it. Hunger is the stimulus that causes us to eat; it keeps us alive.   When you get hungry you will eat [...]

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