Jan 09 2012

Keeping Ourselves Well Fed, Not Overfed For the Best Health

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Healthy eating does not have to be complex, tedious, or depriving. It can be as easy as eating on a schedule and eating enough to feel satisfied.


Our appetite and hunger are controlled by a complex system of checks and balances. If you eat too little, the stomach produces a hormone called ghrelin that increase hunger and calls for the body to eat. Our fat cells produce a hormone called leptin. This hormone is believed to sense when our fat storage is adequate; when the body has stored enough fat the brain is told to stop eating. For some of us this message system to decrease hunger is not as efficient as it could be. Keeping ourselves well fed but not overfed may help this system of appetite control be more effective. Now is the time to put a permanent healthy eating plan into practice. Eat three meals on most days and include breakfast. Have a schedule- try to stay within one hour of that schedule on most days, including weekends. This will prevent you from becoming hungry and give you the mental focus to make healthy food choices.

For a healthier New Year I recommend you make a resolution to eat on a schedule and avoid hunger. Not only will you be healthier and happier you are likely to transform this goal from a resolution to a habit. Read more about  resolutions and the benefits of choosing specific targeted goals in a very interesting artcile  Be It Resolved


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