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Jan 18 2012

To Lose Weight-Eat Water

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  Foods that have a high water content—fruit, vegetables, yogurt, milk, soup, and so on—weigh more, but the weight comes from water, not calories. Research conducted by Barbara Rolls at Penn State University suggests that over the course of a day we eat about two to three pounds of food. When we eat foods that [...]

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Jan 09 2012

Keeping Ourselves Well Fed, Not Overfed For the Best Health

Healthy eating does not have to be complex, tedious, or depriving. It can be as easy as eating on a schedule and eating enough to feel satisfied.   Our appetite and hunger are controlled by a complex system of checks and balances. If you eat too little, the stomach produces a hormone called ghrelin that [...]

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Jan 01 2012

The Diet That Works- One Simple Resolution for Weight Loss and Better Health- Really!!

  Include  a fruit or vegetable every time  you eat,  and you will  reduce calories and decrease your  risk for all diet-related disease . Think of fruit and vegetables as medicine. They control appetite, add fiber to lower cholesterol, and potassium to lower blood pressure. The simple trick of eating a fruit or vegetable at every [...]

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