Dec 18 2011

Eight Gifts for Young Cooks

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It takes time to teach safe and proper cooking, but if your child is interested and enjoys the process you are spending true “quality time” together and participating in a parent -child tradition that once made children feel “important” in the family.

Here are some of the items that make good gifts for any new cook. They include a set of measuring cups and spoons. I like the stainless steel look but for young children I would choose bright colored measuring cups and teaspoons. Cooking will be a lot more fun if you are not worried about your child getting hurt.  To replace a sharp knife use a kitchen scissor to cut, parsley, herbs, or chives. A vegetable peeler can make thin potato and vegetable slices and a garlic press can be used when foods need to be minced or finely chopped.

The yellow juice squeezer almost guarantees the seeds are kept out of the juice, and it is easy and safe for children to use.





I have a small hand held grater pictured that is good for grating cheese and vegetables.

 Of course you need a cutting board, and three are better than one. I have several cutting boards in different colors, red is for meat, green is for vegetables and herbs, wood is used to slice bread.

Involve your child in the process of cooking and they are likely to try new foods. Having their own special equipment will keep them safe and let them know you think they are competent and it can support a very positive hobby. Who knows, encouraging your child’s interest in cooking might even mean you will get a home- cooked meal prepared for you, instead of the other way around!

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