Dec 12 2011

Three Fast and Fabulous Appetizers

We love the idea of holiday parties, but chose the foods you serve wisely. No one wants you to be stressed out. Here are three appetizers that can be made mostly ahead of time, they are delicious and for an extra bonus they carry less than 30 calories per serving. But, don’t mention the part about the calories until after your guests try them- it will be a much  appreciated surprise.

Double Stuffed Mushroom

These are a delicious blend of finely chopped and cooked vegetables with a just a few bread crumbs added to hold them together. You can make these and refrigerate for two days or freeze for 1-2 weeks . Heat per instructions before serving.

Cucumber Caper Cups


Strips of wonton wrappers are used as the base, the wontons  can be made 2 weeks ahead and stored in an airtight container. Then fill with the ingredients 1-2 hours before you are ready to serve them. Have fun with garnishes you can top with a slice of red pepper even a sprig of dill to add your own personal touch.

Red Pepper Pesto with Vegetable “crackers”

Make the pesto and serve it as a dip with vegetable slices or place a small dab of pesto on a cucumber slice and garnish with a sliver of olive and a sprig of parsley or a slice of red radish.

I use  “seedless” cucumbers for this appetizer.

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