Nov 15 2011

Are Baked Chips Better Than Regular Chips?

I recently had a friend switch from potato chips to  baked chips. He wanted to lose weight and lower his blood pressure.  We compared  the labels of both, looking at  calories and nutrition. The original chip carried 11 calories per chip or 160 calories in 15 chips. The baked chip had 120 calories in the same number of chips, working  out to  8 calories per chip  and about 35 mg less sodium.

My friend was very disappointed to learn he saved only 40 calories. In many ways I think the baked chips are more troublesome because they are perceived to be healthier, and we end up eating more. Such was the case with my friend, because the chips were baked,  his wife was packing a lunch with a larger portion and guess what? He was not losing weight.

All chips  are a dry food that will lead to overeating, and they replace fruits and vegetables the foods that  actually help lower blood pressure. I recommend chips be put in the party list and eaten only once per week.

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