Nov 02 2011

Are you eating more bread than you think?

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Most women tell me they stop eating bread to lose weight. However, when we look at what they  actually eat, many are surprised to learn that their food choices, such as muffins, bagels, crackers, chips, even granola bars carry more calories  then  bread.  Women need to pay close attention to the amount of foods they eat made with flour or grain and here is why:

 Here is a picture of a muffin purchased from a supermarket. I placed  it on the scale to learn it weighs 4 and 3/4 ounces.







 Eating this muffin is like eating 5 slices of bread.








The bagel below weighs 4 ounces and it carries the same calories and carbohydrate as 4 slices of bread.









The granola bar at 180 calories has the calorie content found in 2 slices of bread.







Six scoop- shaped chips are equal in calories, to one slice of bread, twelve chips: 2 slices, and 18 chips would be like eating three slices of bread.








Just six small, baked crackers have the calories of one slice of bread.

Read labels, pay attention to portions when you want to lose weight and eat well. A one ounce portion by weight of any of the foods pictured above is just like eating a slice of bread. In some cases bread is  the better choice because it may be more satisfying, when we eat bread, most of eat only two slices, a portion that can be lower in calories  than the foods shown above.

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