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Nov 28 2011

To Help Your Child Eat Better Try Not Talking About Food

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What to do when your three year old will not eat vegetables? I recently had a husband and  wife ask this question. They have a  three year old son, their son will taste a vegetable, and  does not want to eat more. At every meal the father tells him to eat his vegetables  with little success. I [...]

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Nov 21 2011

Why We Should Be Proud of Thanksgiving

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Americans have been celebrating Thanksgiving for over 400 years, and unlike other holidays it has never really been commercialized. Instead of spending alot of money on presents and cards, at this holiday, our effort goes into making a meal that we will share with friends and family- how great is that! And Oh what a [...]

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Nov 15 2011

Are Baked Chips Better Than Regular Chips?

I recently had a friend switch from potato chips to  baked chips. He wanted to lose weight and lower his blood pressure.  We compared  the labels of both, looking at  calories and nutrition. The original chip carried 11 calories per chip or 160 calories in 15 chips. The baked chip had 120 calories in the [...]

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Nov 07 2011

A Good Weigh-In- Thanks Weight Watchers

The October 30-November 5, 2011 Weight Watchers  weekly magazine  turned to me and For the Love of Food –  the Diet that works for advice  on how to get a consistent weigh-in every time.  Here is what they wrote on page 8:  ”If you drink 16 ounces of anything before a weigh in, the scale will [...]

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Nov 02 2011

Are you eating more bread than you think?

Most women tell me they stop eating bread to lose weight. However, when we look at what they  actually eat, many are surprised to learn that their food choices, such as muffins, bagels, crackers, chips, even granola bars carry more calories  then  bread.  Women need to pay close attention to the amount of foods they [...]

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