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Oct 25 2011

Is a cereal fruit bar a good snack?

All three snacks pictured above carry an equal number of calories, but only one is likely to fill you up. Can you guess which one will control hunger best?  A cereal bar with fruit filling is more like eating a slice of toast with jam on it then it is eating a piece of real fruit. Look [...]

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Oct 19 2011

Food Day Menu to Share

Celebrate the first Food Day October 24 with a delicious family meal. Organized by Center for Science in the Public Interest, Food Day will encourage American’s to “eat real”.  It is a nationwide campaign to change the way Americans eat and think about food. It encourages people around the country to sponsor or participate in activities that [...]

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Oct 17 2011

Party Once A Week

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People always ask me how often the can “cheat”. I don’t really believe in the concept of cheating but  since we are surrounded by food 24/7 I do believe we need some guidelines. There was a time when ice cream, cookies, cake, soda and chips were only served at parties or special occasions. If you [...]

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Oct 10 2011

How to Eat Chicken

Of course you know how to eat chicken, what I mean by the title of this blog is how to plan a chicken dinner so the entire meal improves your health. Chicken is one of the most popular evening meals and it can be a really good meal depending on what you pair it with. [...]

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Oct 10 2011

Snacks for New Moms

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  It may sound crazy but hunger is the enemy of anyone who wants to eat well and lose weight. Hunger leads to overeating and poor food choices. Just observe the quality of what you eat when you are “starving.” Of course overeating can happen to anyone but new mothers are particularly at risk because [...]

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