Jun 09 2011

What Sandwich Do Dietitians Choose Most Often?

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You might be surprised to learn it is the BLT ( Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato).

I have never actually conducted  a survey on this, but a BLT is what I order at lunch most often, and when I am meeting a dietitian friend it is what they often order too.

Here is why: A BLT is almost always served on sliced bread, and sliced bread has a lot fewer calories (about 160) than a sub roll (400 calories), bulky roll (320 calories), or most pita pocket and wraps ( 240 calories).  Even though the sandwich is made with bacon, 2 slices of cooked bacon has only about 75 calories. Besides being low in calories it is one of the few sandwiches where vegetables are an important ingredient. All BLT’s come with a generous layer of lettuce and tomato, and that is why I like it. Of course it also tastes great.  To make it extra healthful I  eat it with a side of fruit not potato chips. What is your favorite sandwich?

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