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May 23 2011

How to Eat Favorite Meals the FTLOF Way

How to Eat Meatloaf, Turkey and Pasta the FTLOF Way Want to enjoy your favorite foods and eat well? Over the past thirty years, the science that explains how to lose weight and keep healthy has been accumulating and the message is remarkably consistent. To lose weight we must eat food that contains the substances [...]

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May 16 2011

Tired of Frozen Meals? Try making your own

Tired of frozen meals for lunch? No -Boil lasagna noodles are a busy cooks best friend, here they are layered with a generous amount of mushrooms and spinach and a delicious white sauce with cheese. The recipe makes 6 good size portions at a cost of only  $ 1.16 per serving, 265 calories, and less than [...]

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May 09 2011

Corn, Crab and Salsa Salad

Corn, Crab and Salsa Salad A quick and delicious salad is a boon to any healthful diet. I call this Corn, Crab and Salsa Salad all you need to make a salad for two is:  2-4 cups  greens for a salad (I like baby spinach) one can  ( 15 ounce) unsalted corn,  a  6 ounce [...]

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May 04 2011

Certified Humane

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I am not a vegetarian, but I make it a priority to eat meat from animals that at least had a decent life. For that reason I look for food that has “Certified Human” on the label. It means that meat; poultry, eggs, or dairy products come from animals raised meeting humane standards, including sufficient [...]

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