Mar 14 2011

Rethink Carbs: Don’t think Good or Bad Think “wet” or “dry”

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Carbohydrates can be found in fruit, vegetables, milk, and bread, but I use the term “carb” to refer to foods made with flour or starch. We like to label carbs as good or bad, but that thinking can get you into trouble. Bad carbs include highly refined foods such as white bread, white pasta, and potatoes. Foods high in fiber such as whole grain bread, brown rice, and whole wheat cereal are considered good carbs. But these days the terms have been so overused that they are confusing, and too many people are eating good carbs—in the form of whole grain granola bars, brown rice cakes, and whole wheat muffins—thinking they are making good choices, and still not losing weight, that’s because these foods carry no water and they crowd out the foods that do contain water. When a food contains no moisture, they are hard to limit and we eat more than we need, which leads us back to the first principle of weight loss—reducing calories.

Even good carbs can prevent weight loss when they replace the foods that actually curb hunger. Eating more “wet” foods inevitably means that you will be eating much fewer “dry” foods. Dry foods include pretzels, rice cakes, and granola bars—foods that many dieters think will help with weight loss, but they don’t.

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