Feb 28 2011

Don’t Be Fooled by Freeze Dried Snacks

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Parents want to serve their children only the best food and good food includes fruit and yogurt. Fruit is a superb source of potassium and fiber, and yogurt is a great source of calcium and protein. One would think a product marketed to babies that combines both yogurt and fruit would be a good food to serve to baby, but is it always?

Look below at the comparison between a one-quarter cup serving of peaches, yogurt, and a freeze-dried yogurt fruit snack.

                                Peach                           Yogurt                Peach Freeze dried yogurt & Fruit Snacks

calories                         15                                   35                                30

protein,  g                      0                                     2                                  1

sodium, mg                     2                                  26                                20

potassium, mg               61                                88                                50

fiber, g                              1                                  0                                  0

Calcium,  mg                   1                                  67                                16

Fresh Peaches and Yogurt

The peaches carry the most fiber, and the yogurt is the best source of calcium. The freeze dried snacks carry almost the same amount of calories as the yogurt but with half the protein and only about one quarter of the calcium.

The best foods to serve your baby and young child include real food that is served in its simplest form. Try mixing chopped fruit with plain yogurt for a truly good snack food for you and your child.

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